Classroom Request Form for Student Organizations

Use of this space shall be in accordance with established UCSD policies and procedures:

  1. The organization requesting space must be currently registered and in good standing with the UCSD Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Office.
  2. This space will be reserved by principal members of the recognized group only. If the general public will be invited to the event, a TAP (Triton Activities Planner) form must be completed online, and all instructions followed.
  3. The sponsoring organization assumes responsibility for any damages as a result of the event.
  4. Amplified music/sound is not permitted as academic instruction WILL take place in the area until 10 PM. The organization agrees to maintain sound levels inaudible to neighboring instruction or activities. This includes, but is not limited to: multiple voices singing, yelling or chanting, any musical instruments or stereo equipment.
  5. The space is made available for student organizational, business, and educational meetings only.
  6. Use of colored chalk is strictly prohibited.
  7. You may not charge for your event.
  8. NO classroom furnishings (chairs, desks, tables, lecterns, etc.) are to be removed from or added to the space.
  9. NO food or beverages allowed in campus assigned classroom space.
  10. NO smoking, candles, or open flames.
  11. NO alcohol permitted per Policy and Procedure Manual 510-1 Section XIII.
  12. The event will end by 10:50 pm.